Specialty Gases in Refillable Cylinders

The refillable cylinders we offer are made from high quality aluminum that provides for longer stability for reactive mixtures.  Once the cylinder is empty there is no concern for disposal, simply return the cylinder to us.

The 6AL is the same cylinder as the PP170 but with a different valve.  (See adjacent photograph)

Contents: 104 Liter Cylinder (Aluminum)
Pressure: 1200 PSIG
OUtlet Fitting: 5/8 - 18 UNF
Weight: 2.30 lbs.
Dimension: (Inches): 3 x 12.3
DOT Classification: 3AL2216
Regulator: CPR-5
Threaded valve connection.

The 6AL offers a threaded valve connection which is popular with many of our customers.

Ideal portable cylinder for reactive and non-reactive calibration gases.

Contents: 170 Liter Cylinder (Aluminum)
Pressure: 2015 PSIG
Outlet Fitting: CGA 180
Weight 2.30 lbs.
Dimension (Inches): 3 x 14.75
DOT Classification: 3AL2216
Regulator: CPR-1, CPR-6